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Showbiz celebrities will rub shoulders with movers and shakers in the worlds of business and politics aboard the luxury yacht Aurora, which has been chartered by cutting-edge computer company Sphere Systems for a high-profile Thames cruise in aid of cancer charities.

Sphere Systems’ CEO Gary Blake, who only recently made a dramatic recovery from previously-diagnosed terminal cancer, said; “This is an opportunity for me to give thanks for my recovery amongst my friends and family. It's also a great opportunity for Sphere Systems to raise funds for the Royal Marsden Hospital, an underfunded institution which I, and my company, are only too pleased to be able to support”.

Guests rumoured to be attending the star-studded soiree include Sir Richard Branson, Chief Executive of Media International Lambert Mackenzie, Sir Alan Sugar, Minister for Supernormal Affairs Edward Hathringdon, TV actor David Tennant, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and SQUADRON H-FACTOR hopefuls COSPLAY and CHAVBUSTER.  

Anti-War campaigners have criticised Sphere for the alleged ‘corporate nature’ of the event. Yolande Neill, single mother, partner of a Fae immigrant, recipient of several benefits and spokeswoman for the Stop the War Coalition, said; “Have you seen how many Sphere Systems logos are covering that yacht? What is Mr Blake really interested in - curing cancer or promoting his business? He could save a lot of lives if he chose to sever his connections to the arms trade. As it stands, all this ‘charity’ simply looks like window-dressing.”

Sphere Systems co-executive Philip Aker responded; “I think someone once said; “No good deed ever goes unpunished?” If these people want to snipe from the sidelines, let them. Everyone at Sphere Systems is just overjoyed to have Gary back, and all we want is to do what we can to give the chance of that same miracle to others.”

More to follow as we get it...


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