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This psychotic villainous character is for GH/SQUK first edition, and is based on the picture by Alan Davis on page 3 of the Golden Heroes Supervisor’s Book.

Megawatt AKA Alex Reynolds. Also dubbed ‘Killerwatt’ by the tabloid press.

EGO: 12       STR: (12) 30     DEX: 14     VIG: 14       FRAMES: 4     MOVE: 6 run/15 fly     DOD MOD: 0

DAM MOD: + 15      STRIKE MOD: 0      DEFENCE CLASS: 5     HEIGHT: 1.8 m      WEIGHT: 120 kilos

PUSH BACK: 20       ENERGY POINTS: 25      HTK: 65/3       Hosp: 6            HTC: 63    Stag:12  Stun:6
POWERS: Energy Attack g3, 25d6 (Gimmicks –3 dam divs/hi-power blast. 15d6 in 1 Action*/lightning flash. Blinds any opponent for 1d6 Frames, unless the opponent rolls under their DEX on 1d20).
Energy Immunity g1 Electricity/Lightning (Electrical attacks actually help to regenerate any HTK loss that Megawatt has suffered!) If hit by any electrical attack of 60+ HTK Megawatt involuntarily discorporates for a length of time determined by the SS.
Flight g1 (Electrical repulsion).
Field Manipulation g2 Electric and magnetic.
Health g1 Regeneration (1d6 per Action, must be near an electrical source or on the receiving end of an electrical attack).
Strength g1.
Teleportation g2 (Uses the  Energy Points that also power his Energy Attack rather than HTC. 1 EP per 2 metres, maximum range 800 metres).
Wallcrawling (Electrical attraction).
Alex Reynolds was a latent electrokinetic that volunteered for the Augmented Weapons Experiments of the British government’s top secret Lyonesse research  and development base. After gaining his powers and much training at Lyonesse Alex took the codename Megawatt and joined the ranks of extranormal operatives working with DICE. Three years into a successful career as a superhero Alex was subjected to further experimentation to try to boost his powers. However these had the unfortunate side effect of causing him to suffer from bouts of psychotic behaviour. During one of these episodes he went amok and killed several people. The superheroine Voltage, Alex’s wife and team mate, fought him in an electricity substation. The outcome of the battle was that Voltage temporarily burnt out her powers and Megawatt absorbed so much energy that he discorporated, becoming a field of electrical charge that dissipated into the ionosphere.
Scenario Idea
Five years on from the events noted above, the government starts  project Manna. The aim is to tap into the electrical potential of the atmosphere and gain almost limitless eco-friendly energy. A geosynchronous satellite beams an ionising laser down through the ionosphere to a large bank of megacapacitors. Any charge in the upper atmosphere can use the ionised trail caused by the laser to earth into the megacapacitors, where it is stored for later use. During the experiment an explosion destroys one of the megacapacitors and a huge arc of electricity penetrates the ground nearby. Repair crews dig up a strangely humanoid fulgurite of huge size. Can anyone guess who is inside the fulgurite?

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