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The Trimorphs. Empty The Trimorphs.

Post by Archaeus on Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:50 am

These nasty alien formshifters are more than a match for the toughest superteam. They are statted for GH/SQUK 1e.

The Trimorphs. Deadly alien cyborgs.

EGO: 12     STR: 15/33     DEX: 14     VIG: 15     MOVE: 7/25     DAM: +18     DOD: 0     STRIKE: 0    DC:3    
FRAMES: 4     WEIGHT: 80kg     HTK: 74/5         HTC: 70/4

POWERS: Advantageous Background- Brilliant Mechanical Scientist/Armour g2/Claws g1/Cybernetics g1,Computer Brain/Energy Attack (15d6 with improved attack gimmick, no more than 10d6 can be used per one Action) g1/ Enhanced Senses g3 (IR, Radar and Microscopic)/Flight g3/ Health g2 (radiation ,space, under water, high pressure )/Leaping g1/Shapechange (into three forms, Battle, Flight and Utility, takes 1 Action)/Strength g2/Weapon Skill g2 (with Energy Attack and Claws).
Utility Form.
This form appears like an inverted mirrored silver teardrop with two reverse jointed legs, ending in splayed three toed feet and sprouting an array of manipulator tendrils from the front of the body. A red glowing slit is the scanning laser/optical sensor located above the tendrils. While in this form the Trimorph can use these powers/stats; Armour/STR: 15/Brilliant Scientist/Computer Brain/ Enhanced Senses/Health/Shapechange.
Battle Form.
This form is a flattened mirrored silver inverted teardrop with two reverse jointed heavy looking legs, ending in three clawed toes. An array of heavy tendrils ending in bulbs with spikes is located underneath the front of the Trimorph. Above this the optical slit widens into an almond shaped crimson eye. In this form the Trimorph can use these powers; Armour/STR: 33/Computer Brain/Claws/Energy Attack/Enhanced Senses/Health/Leap/Weapon Skill/Shapechange.
Flight Form.  
A mirrored silver stubby javelin with a glowing red optical line around the front tip. Armour/ It has the power of Flight up to the speed of Mach 1 in an atmosphere/STR: 15/Computer Brain/Enhanced Senses/Health/Shapechange.
Additionally each Trimorph  has a minute sliver of anticobalt magnetically suspended inside a vacuum chamber to power itself by matter/antimatter reaction. If a Trimorph is brought to 0 HTK or beyond it damages the suspended anticobalt which explodes in a gamma ray blast doing 8d6 HTK and HTC, –3 Damage Dividers to all within ten metres. So brute force may not be enough to stop these advanced alien critters!
These deadly aliens came to our world on a huge silver spacecraft a mile in length. It was made inactive by the combined efforts of Starguard and the Albion Alliance, and came to rest on the sea bed, between the Isles of Scilly and Lands End. Most of the ship’s crew were also rendered inactive, but the odd few may have escaped this fate while pursuing missions away from the mothership. The Trimorphs are in fact datamorphs, beings that only temporarily inhabit their physical bodies. The rest of the time they upload themselves into the ship’s mainframe (known as the Hypercore) and live in a very complex multilevel virtual reality. Physically the ship is dimensionally transcendental and has many miles of unexplored twisting hexagonal corridors with openings into bizarre areas of everchanging metastable machinery and biomechanical gardens.
All sorts of wonders may exist within the hull of the Trimorph ship that could lead to new scenarios. New technology for gadgeteers and strange alien prisoners are just two options. A huge databank of alien cultures and a map of the local supercluster may interest space travelling heroes. The government is sure to want to exploit such a resource, but who will decide what hyper advanced technology is beneficial or dangerous to humanity? Super villains who get to know about the ship may desire to claim its unearthly treasures for themselves. Lastly, the Trimorph motivation for coming to our solar system has been left up to the individual Scenario Supervisor. Could these shapeshifting cyborgs be under the thrall of some galactic megavillain, or did they come to Earth to seek out something/someone that they need for their alien plans?

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