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Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android.

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Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android. Empty Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android.

Post by Archaeus Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:08 am

These are some alternative rules I came up with years ago. I'm putting them here because they pertain to GH/SQUK 1e, and not the latest version of SQUK.

Advantageous Background- Robot/Android.

The character with this background does not age, eat (they may need charging up though), or breathe like normal humans do. They have no HTC stat, ignoring any HTC damage, but not Pushback. This may seem like a massive advantage to any rules abusing players but in actual fact is as much a disadvantage. A robotic character does not heal like a biological creature, it has to be repaired and this costs money and takes time. Furthermore, the character almost certainly won’t know how to repair itself, relying on an inventor scientist or technicians to do so. These are ready made dependent NPCs for the player to take care of, or they won’t be getting put back together again. Yet another disadvantage is the effect of any HTK damage that gets through their armour (presuming that they have any armour that is) since they can’t heal it. The SS should create a table for when the player gets hit by a critical hit or loses more than half their HTK. The table should have some of the characters powers on it for example:
2 Speed.
3 Energy Blast.
4 Field Manipulation- Electric.
5 IR Vision.
6 Computer Brain.

ADAM 1 (Advanced Design Anthropomorphic Machine # 1) gets hit by enough HTK to get through his armour and takes enough damage to lower his HTK below half. The SS rolls A d6 and tells the player that his Electrical Field Manipulation power has been damaged and does not work until repaired (now seems to be the time to make friends with that team mate with Advantageous Background- Brilliant Mechanical Scientist).
The costs of repair and upgrade should be handled by the SS, with reference to the Material and Financial Resource levels of the Inventor, or of any robot/ android lucky enough to be financially independent. The rules on creating devices (in the SS rulebook) should give enough information on the cost and DUPS/ time taken to repair the battered ‘bot. Scenario supervisors should feel free to impose whatever restrictions they feel necessary to keep their player from over doing the amount of armour or weaponry built into their robotic bodies, as space and energy supply may need to be drastically altered to accommodate that hyperdimensional megacannon and Armour grade 892 !
Also, how does the Inventor/ technician feel about spending all Xmas locked away in his lab slaving over a long repair job because Bossybot 2 wants a new blaster arm? Surely this is a chance for the SS to roleplay that tetchy someone, other than a villain, who has a bad attitude?
All Cybered up!
Now that the downside to this supposedly Advantageous Background has been discussed lets have a look at the positive side with a few suggestions for development by the SS or players.
How about having modular components for your metallic hero? Our robot’s arm blaster fires laserblasts. After a quick change of modules at the lab it shoots polymer webbing. An inventive player or SS could come up with a list of powers that the character could have fitted for that scenario. This idea comes with the inbuilt limitation of there being only so many modules and that there might not be another replacement arm blaster, or whatever, left to replace one destroyed by the badguys in an earlier battle.
A novel use for the Sidekick power would be to have a robot/android that can split in two and function independently for a long while, before coming back together to share data or recharge. The Replication power could be used in a similar way to create smaller subunits that can act independently and link up as a complete larger robot (perhaps in a way similar to certain Japanese anime mecha).
What about an Artificial Intelligence that runs on a mainframe in a hero group’s base that is capable of downloading part of its persona into an android ? The character could be a datamorph, self aware software capable of running on any type of sophisticated computer. It could have multiple copies of itself in case the android was destroyed. It could also function as a ‘netrunner’ moving through cyberspace to retrieve information or hack into the mainframe of a megacorporate villain (for some rules on handling cyberspacial combat you might want to check out the scenario Balance of Power by Simon Burley).
Putting a biological slant on the above notion, a robosymbiote would be a self aware device that was hidden inside a human body to give it super powers. The implanted robot and human host would be a very intimate team. An advantage to this idea being that should the human host body die the robosymbiote could install itself (or be installed by a surgeon, depending on the rationale) in another person.

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Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android. Empty Re: Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android.

Post by kevinrolfe Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:48 pm

I have some rules on creating robots and the like, which may get into book 1, or possible book 2


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Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android. Empty Re: Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android.

Post by Archaeus Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:22 pm

I'd like to see your rules. I like the Immortal-Mechanical advantageous background in the new SQUK, too as I like robotic/android characters.

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Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android. Empty Re: Advantageous Background- Robot/ Android.

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