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Post by kevinrolfe on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:24 pm

In the scenario American Dream there are a number of super’s mentioned and one hinted on, i expanding 5 of these.

American Eagle.
Jackson Stone.
The Hero who originally held the Six guns, who i have called Gunslinger

Most of the Villains are flat mooks but once i get to the updating that adventure i think i might be expanding most of them with a slightly longer Origin. as either part of Project Montauk or something else.

currently my fav villain is the highly useful Chameleon, from the Lancelot Caper.


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American Dream Empty Re: American Dream

Post by kevinrolfe on Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:34 pm

American Eagle

St En Dx Ag
17 16 17 15
(30) (26)

Common Skills Lvl Trained Skills Lvl Move
Language - 5 Env-Lore 2 7
Spotting - 5 Mimicry 2 Kn.Bk
Searching - 5 Occult Know 3 33
First Aid - 5 History (US) 5 Dm. Md
Riding - 5 Anatomy 2 +18
Kill:102 Stun:87

Attack Kill Stun Mod Notes
Fist/Punch 1d6-5 2d6 +18
Tomahawk 1d6+5 2d6 +28 +2 to hit

Endurance Level 1 (20+1d6)
Strength Level 2 (20+1d6+1d6+5)
Fast Recovery Level 1
Acrobatics Level 1
Weaponskill: Level 1(Tomahawk)
Eagle Flight Ring
-Flight Level 2 (Move 12)
-Communication (other Eagle or Kestrel Flight Rings)
-limited location of other rings
Sceptre (Star-Rod) 1940 to 1955
-This artefact is missing in this time zone

Real name is Jack Washington; you are a pure-blood Sioux Indian.
After an ancient Shaman gave you an artefact given to him by, what called the Star people, you took on the mantel of “American Eagle”. The Star-Rod (Sceptre) gave you power your power. Some of which you retained after losing it during the Korean war. The war in which everyone believes you died.

You fought with distinction with the US Superhero group “The Sons of Liberty” (aka The National Defence League), during WW2, including a number of missions with both the Blackwatch and Squadron UK. You met and befriended the British Hero John Bull. You took part in some of the more daring missions under the Project: PAPERCLIP banner, including one to extract General Dr Ing. Hans (Heinz) Friedrich Karl Franz Kammler and a group of Scientist from an Austrian castle codenamed the Aerie to Der Rise (the Giant). You then took the group to a secret base in Bolivia on a JU-390 heavy-lift aircraft, from Bystzyca Klodzka airfield, which was a few miles from Der Rise at the Wenceslas mine.

It was during the Rosenburg trial in 51, when you spoke out in favour of the Rosenburgs, that got you into trouble. It lead to Senator Joseph McCarthy, dragging you in front of the House Un-American committee.
During your posting in Korea you were found guilty of being a Communist sympathiser and ordered home. You laughed it off. However Silversmith (The Patriot) and Gunslinger were sent to bring you home. During the attempted “repatriation” you were hit by a group of crudely built Chinese power armour. This left Gunslinger dead, Silversmith blasted apart and you on the run. Gunslingers garb as well as your Sceptre were found and taken to the Trophy room of Camp Hero (part of the Montauk Project). You escaped and made you way to the only person you thought that could help…John Bull the leader of the EAGLES. He told you a CIA man by the name of Agent Leiter, had requested the EAGLES apprehend you about a month before. John gave you Spitfires EAGLE Flight ring and arranged to hide you, when the Shadow V mission, to 1897 came along you were seconded to it, this seemed a perfect place to hide you.


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