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Change form question

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Change form question Empty Change form question

Post by foleypt on Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:55 pm

ok so this is the new Stretch power or at least it is when at higher levels

"Higher levels: Choose from the following options:....
can stretch or deform shape though staying basically humanoid in form. Maximum Stretch is equal to Psyche Skill Modifier in squares."

First up, the old stretch used to allow you to stretch much further (with a loss of HTC.. a good mechanic)

but secondly is activating this power a panel? or is it just assumed that a character with this power can attack (or pick up things) at the stretch distance for no extra panels? Because if it costs a panel to stretch and then a panel to attack in most cases you could just walk over there for the same panel cost, ok there are still some advantages to doing it at a distance but are they worth a panel?

If the player can do the grabbing at distance for the same cost as grabbing adjacent could they use this power to travel that distance? i.e. stretch at distance grab something, then return to normal size hold on to distant thing, would that cost 1 panel only?

Can the player stay stretched? Could they form a bridge, how is this not now growth (ok they don't have the strength benefits from growth, but maybe they already have that) what is to stop the character from saying they go around massively sized all the time?


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Change form question Empty Re: Change form question

Post by kevinrolfe on Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:41 pm

Plastic man, Elongating man, Elementalman/woman and Mr Fantastic.

Using these as your benchmark if one of those characters can do it then just allow it. It's the kind of power that works best in a cinematic way or if it's funny.

Our hero becomes a bridge to save someone but as that person walks over them they tickle them so get the Hero romp roll dice to keep there grip etc.

I would simply wing this, if the moment is better if they can Streach, allow. If it isn't then don't, but if the moment is made worse...let them.


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