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Post by kevinrolfe on Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:07 am

The gunman is instantly surrounded by security guards, all pointing a miscellany of deadly-looking firearms at the man’s head.

And the gunman (waiter) becomes a ghost, enter the Ghostrunner


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Post by Zenith's Back on Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:37 am

Suddenly the submarine lurches, smoke rising from its hatches and those on deck stagger to keep their feet.

Slowly and apparition rises through the deck, bathed in an eerie blue light, coat in tatters, billowing in a non-existent wind. Silently the spectre begins to rise into the air........

We are HOST...........
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PLAYER HEROES Empty Discus' Character Sheet - first draft

Post by BigBadJohn on Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:48 pm


S: 12/6 (33/17)
E: 12/6 Kill: 38 Stun: 45
D: 14/7
A: 15/8
Total: 53, Average: 13, Move 6
Psyche: 10/5

Abilities and gimmicks (Level effects in-line, gimmicks bulleted)

Strength 1: 20 + 1d6 (33), +18 damage bonus
• -5 to opponents push back

Force field 1: Roll 3d6 + 5 (19)
• Discus use through field

Energy Sense (Kinetic Energy) 2: Extra range (now double Psyche score in squares)
• -1 dividers
• Add effect to discus damage when in range; (+2dS for blunt objects, -1 dividers)

Weapon skill (Paired Discuses) 3: Ranged: 1dK 2dS (blunt-edged discuses), +3d(All to Stun assuming blunt edged discuses), +6 Dex modifier; Total bonuses +13 to strike, +18 to parry (default combat response); Total dam 1dK, 7dS, +18, and -1 dividers (!)
• Melee use
• Shield use (+5 to parry)
• Auto-returning (1 panel to return after attack)

Common skills:                                        Trained skills: (23 points)
Impress        Esteem +5 (for now) Dancing                        Agility +8
Jumping        Agility +13                Driving                        Dexterity +4
Spotting        Sleuthing +5 (for now) Pilot                                Dexterity +3
Stealth        Agility +13                Weapon Skill (fencing) Dexterity +6
Weightlifting Strength +11/+22        Ytraxi Rules                Psyche +2

Attack                         Strike Mod Kill Stun                 Dmg Mod Notes
Discus (Melee)                 +13                1d 7d                 +18        -1 dividers; +18 Parry; -5 to opponents push back
Discus (Range <=20 sq.) +13                1d 7d                 +18        -1 dividers; Auto-returning; -5 to opponents push back
Discus (Range >20 sq.) +13                1d 5d                 +18
Fist/foot                        +7                1d-5 2d                 +18
Thrown item.                 +7                1d  2d (default)  +18        -1 dividers, -5 to opponents push back
Kinetic Focus                 NA         -(default) 2d (default)  -        -1 dividers, range up to 20 sq.
Dodge: +9

Worn: Lightweight costume (deep blue, white waistband & stars on shoulders), paired discuses.
Carried items: Smartphone, Grappling line, Pouches of ball bearings (all in costume waistband).

Rationale Summary:
Kinetic energy sensing and manipulation manifests as Strength, Forcefield and (effectively) telekinesis of moving objects (including discuses!); Weapon skill by training.

I can't seem to post formatted text - the forum seems to eat whitespace and disallow tables! - hope the columns aren't too confusing.

Last edited by BigBadJohn on Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:31 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Corrected parry, added dodge bonus including light costume bonus)


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Post by Zenith's Back on Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:56 pm

As the submarine dives back under the surface of the river and the spectre of HOST rises silently above the yacht, his form becomes more substantial and after pausing momentarily to survey the scene, the ragged silhouette swoops towards the bomb on the deck......
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Zenith's Back

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Post by Zenith's Back on Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:46 pm

S: 9/5
E: 10/5
Psyche: 11/6
dodge: level 12 (inc bonuses)
Kill - 34 Stun - 42
Acrobatics (+1 dodge)
Information 2 (+2 dodge)
Enhancement 3 (+2 powers, double duration, 2 x one gimmick for two chosen powers, deactivate one power and activate another in one frame)
Fast Recovery
Change state - ethereal, can change while moving
Energy Sense - supernatural, poltergeist attack, ignore kill damage
Survival - no air

Common skills
(Street) Etiquette, scrounging, searching, spotting/notice, stealth level 13
Trained skills
Environment Lore - the dark underbelly of NL level 6
Low Society level 6
Mythology level 4
Occult knowledge level 4
Research level 4

Rag tag light armour salvaged from the aftermath of other hero/villain clashes +1 dodge.

Rationale - able to detect and channel energy from the spirit world into the real world and exist in both for short periods. When channeling ( as opposed to detecting or communicating) emits an eerie blue glow - earning him the press-name of the Belstow Ghost...........
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Post by Jason45 on Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:41 pm

Doctor cerulean
s = 12 (+6)
e = 12/32 (+6/+??)
d = 15 (+Cool
Ag = 14 (+7)

Psyche - ??
Sleuthing - ??
Esteem - ??
Fate - ??
Dodge - ??
Movement = 6
Kill = 107 stun = 106

Protection grade 2 (energy) (innate and slightly noticeable - blue glow + immune bullets and knives (mini dragon heads eat attacks)
weapon - eye of the night witch (shield - invulnerable + missile weapon - return to wielder)
Invisible grade 2 (move and not concentrate - glowing face sometimes seen on chest - can disappear during combat)
Martial arts (ninjitsu - +5 acrobatics)
Mind control (mental link if touched first)

Common skills

Stealth +12
Climb +12
Spot +5
First aid +10
Computer use +10

Trained skills
Research +5
Occult knowledge +5
Locksmith +8
Drive +2
Weapon skill +10

Rationale - chosen by the elf goddess Sehanine Moonbow (goddess of the moon and mysteries and secret knowledge) to be her avatar in this mortal realm. My powers are tied to the moon.

I'm wearing partial combat armour (chest plate; knee and elbow joints; with combat boots) with a face plate and night vision googles. A sword (possibly a katana) is strapped to my back. I have belt pouches and seem to be carrying a military med kit.


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Post by steveraceuk on Tue May 12, 2015 10:52 pm


Alias: Gary Blake
Strength: (15/8 24/12
Endurance: 16/8
Dexterity: 10/5
Agility: 13/7
Psyche: 10/5
Kill: 45
Stun: 47
Knockback: (31) 40 +5
Movement: 5
Background: Rich-Business.

Cloaking 1 (Energy Sheath) - Total invisibility but cannot move
Energy Blast 3 (Cosmic Ray) - Recovery 1 round, (6 bonus die), 9 squares in a straight line, triangle area, 3 x 3 burst, extended range (+2 squares).
Protection 2 (Energy Sheath) - All damage divided by 3, -6 to AGL, Protection is imperceptible but not innate, totally immune to kill damage from bullets and knives.
Strength 1 +5 to Knockback, included above)

Common Skills: Business 11, Computer Use 10, Etiquette 11, Gambling 11, Negotiation 11
Trained Skills: Computer Programming 5, Cryptography 3, Driving 3, Entrepreneur 4, Research 3

Esteem: 12/6; Legality 3, Memorability 3, Heroism 3, Relationships 3, Success 0
Sleuthing: 9/5; Powers 1, Detection 2, Contacts 3, Exposure 2, Accessibility 1
Fate: 9/5; Scruples 2, Victories 0, Public Reaction 2, Extrovert 2, Home Life 3
Notes: Notorious dot com millionaire Gary Blake is dying from cancer in the Royal Marsden hospital. At his bedside are his business partner, Phil Aker and Gary's wife, Helen. Blake's company is Sphere Systems, a leading edge computer company with its fingers in many pies, most notably software systems for the Government and MOD. Blake has a reputation for being a hard-nosed bastard and has few friends in the industry but even his rivals have some grudging admiration for his business skills. Aker is a shady character who is not above fostering relations with organised crime and foreign governments to further the company ends. Blake is aware of this but has turned a blind eye, as it profits the business. He is also aware that Aker and his wife are having an affair. Blake reasoned that he had driven his wife into Aker's bed with his unreasonable behaviour and accepted it, as long as the happy family image was maintained. Six months ago, Blake was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is about to breath his last. As fate would have it, Blake's fate is intertwined with an entity from another world entirely. A creature of pure energy that’s transit through our solar system was interrupted when it chanced too close to the earth, intrigued by the signs of life visible from space. Caught in the Van Allen belt, the creature's life force is nearly drained, when desperately searching for a means of survival, its consciousness brushed that of Gary Blake. In the instant of Blake's death, the creature from beyond space merges with his earthly form.

The creature's life force, although greatly reduced, heals the human's simple form and forms a strange symbiosis. Part-man, part-alien. Cosmic energy can be released from Gary Blake with great force. The same force also protects his mortal form, encasing him in an energy sheath which offers great protection from harm. This sheath can be adjusted within the visible spectrum to render Blake almost invisible to the human eye. In healing the human body, the alien life form returned Gary Blake to his previous fitness and even surpassed it to some degree, granting him great strength. Gary Blake's miraculous recovery stunned the medical world, and Blake was soon back in business. All was not as before, as Blake is now an amalgam of two personalities, greater than the individual. He applied himself to turning Sphere Systems into a force for good, a move which has led his business partner to see him as a threat. More than this, Blake his turned his newly granted abilities to the service of the light. He has taken the name Flare, as, when in action, his protective sheath gives off a halo of energy which serves to both protect his true identity and strike fear into those with darkness in their hearts.

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