Naggoob The Father of Ghouls.

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Naggoob The Father of Ghouls. Empty Naggoob The Father of Ghouls.

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Yet another old GH/SQUK 1e villain. This one is a minor character taken from the Cthulhu Mythos.

Naggoob The Father of Ghouls.  EGO: 17     STR: 12/30     DEX: 11     VIG: 13/23     MOV: 6     DC: 5
DOD: +2   DAM: +15      FRA:4        STRI: 0           PUSHB: 20  

Immortal, can survive underground in a low oxygen/ high methane environment.
Position of Power: Cult of Nyogtha High Priest. Agility g1. Claws. Health g1: disease and toxins. Heightened Senses g3: Hearing / Smell / Radar. Leaping g1.
Magic g2: 20 Magic Points.Enhancement*/Conjuring/Information/Hypnosis.
Strength g1. Vigour g1.
*Denotes the power is a speciality at half cost in Magic Points.
HTK: 80/2     REC: 1d6+2 Per Hour.     HOSP: 8
HTC: 69        REC: 1d6+2 Per Round.   STAG: 13     STUN: 6                                      
*** Whenever a target is bitten by Naggoob (use a claw attack and damage) they must roll 1d20 and add their Vigour stat. The Scenario Supervisor also rolls 1d20 and adds Naggoob’s Vigour stat. If the target’s roll + Vigour is higher than Naggoob’s, then they resist the Ghoulfather’s disease carrying saliva. If Naggoob’s roll + Vigour stat is higher than the target’s, then the target succumbs to the vile organisms within Naggoob’s spittle and takes 2d6 HTK per Hour due to fever. This is not recovered normally until the target is treated using powerful antibiotics. A character with the Advantageous Background Brilliant Scientist: Biological, or a character with magical healing ability may be of some help in such a situation. A spoonful of cod liver oil certainly won’t help an infected hero!

Naggoob, the Father of Ghouls is the chieftain of the servants of the dread Dweller in Darkness, Nyogtha. He is the power behind witch cults and seeks to use these cults to further his master’s alien cause. If there are people disappearing or magical mayhem is afoot, then you can bet that Naggoob has something to do with it. Rarely encountered above ground or in sunlight, he sends his cultist servants or creatures he has Conjoured to do his bidding.
His master requires regular sacrifices of human beings and worship at debauched sabbats in caves deep underground.
Player characters with magical abilities may be enticed, by certain beautiful members of the Cult of Nyogtha, with promises of great power. However that power comes at the cost of a hero’s sanity and humanity.
If Naggoob’s plans are thwarted and his cult is destroyed he will retreat further underground, where few can follow, and begin plotting his revenge upon those who defeated him. There are always other humans who desire magical knowledge and power and another servile cult will soon spring up in a different place to enact Naggoob’s will.
Nyogtha comes from the Henry Kuttner story  “The Salem Horror”. Naggoob is mentioned by Lin Carter in the story “Zoth- Ommog”.

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