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Post by Hopeless on Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:56 pm

Wanted to ask about this and see if I've missed anything.

So lets get the character being used for this listed.

Archetype: Paranormal Infection (for the most part)
Endurance Grade 1
Flight Grade 1
Magical Background
Marksmanship Grade 1 (Linked to martial arts was originally gun related)
Martial Arts Grade 1 (Judo Throw considered military trained)
State Change/Impervious limited to Psyche in panels but needs to recover in between usage
*Enhancement Grade 1 (Linked to State Change)
*Both Endurance and Strength increase by 1 Grade whilst in Impervious state
Strength Grade 1

Strength (13) 26/ 35
Endurance (13) 21/ 31
Dexterity 16
Agility 13
Psyche 10 (I assumed rounded down?)

Esteem: 10
Sleuthing: 9
Fate: 8

See below for explanation and question on the above

Legality: Normal (2)
has links to a mercenary group and considered a dangerous terrorist even though innocent of that charge
Memorability: Different (3)
She poses as a man in hero identity as she really doesn't come across as feminine at all
Heroism: Hero (3)
debatable her tendency to leap to protect others even before she knew she had powers is her schtick
Relationships: Normal (2)
divorcee rebuilding her life has no interest in revealing her identity but wouldn't stand by if she could prevent someone getting hurt or help them after they're hurt.
Success: new character (0)

Notes: Under Golden Heroes I'm not sure it would be any different maybe drop the Heroism to 2

I'm currently picturing her as a female version of John from Thunderbirds Are Go except obviously she's female but flat chested and athletic build maybe I should go for the doesn't look that strong gimmick but the Different bit depends on whether being regularly mistaken as a man since she has never worn a dress or worn feminine garb.

Argh let me know if I'm going way off base there please?


Powers: Trained soldier I figure having Spotting/Notice as a skill would be her main means of this so other than flight there isn't really anything power wise she has relating to this so I'd rate this at used slightly (1) and just query that?
Detection: Starts at 2 she is after all a former soldier with intelligence training enough to survive just no where near proficient enough to alert anyone she's anything more than a fully trained nurse so Some (2) for now
Contacts: ordinary people (2) she doesn't have the background but she's managed to cope through some very stressful times and has kept herself aware so she will pry if she thinks someone's in trouble or something she finds familiar makes an appearance.
Exposure: Based on Esteem so 10/5= 2 subtracted from 4 for 2 then?
Accessibility: leave this at 2 but it would be more 3 but this is something better developed in game.

So 9 here then?


Scruples: plenty given her background she would come across as dodgy to those that don't know her but those that do know she's selfless leave this at 2 though.
Victories: new character so 0 then.
Public Reaction: Esteem/5 so 2 then
Extrovert: Normal and that's pushing it! (2)
Home Life: Divorced her hero life is because they're part of her circle of friends this could easily reach a 0 if her past comes to light but at present its a 2.

So 8 here then?

Would you agree with this?


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