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Post by apn on Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:52 pm

Thought I'd take the time to post a couple of my house rules/proposed house rules from the PBEM game I run.


Combat is resolved rolling 2D10 + Weapon Class (WC) of Attacker + Defence Class (DC) of Defender. Then subtract 17 from that total. If the total is 1 or more, the attack hit.
Every point is treated as a point of accuracy/damage. Match that point for point up to the maximum damage of the attack being used. For instance, a punch in the existing rules does 2D6htc/1d6-6htk. In my house rules you can add up to 12 points from a punch to Htc damage. If you wish to do HTK damage you need to score 7 points of accuracy to do any damage, and can then add up 6 points.

Kestrel attacks a thug. He has WC3, the thug is DC10. Roll is 7. The total of 20, less 17, means 3 accuracy. Kestrel does 3 damage (from accuracy) plus 3 htc (from punch) plus 5 (strength bonus to damage) for a total of 11htc. The thug has 20htc, so is dropped to 9.

The thug takes a swing at Kestrel who has DC6. He's WC0, and the roll is 13. The total of 19, less 17, means 2 accuracy (hit) plus 2 htc (from punch) for a total of 4htc damage.

Chances are that Kestrel will finish him off on his next attack.

I do this with the one roll to determine hit/damage. Energy attacks (normally 15 points over 5 rounds) multiply accuracy to determine damage.

Let's say Sunburst hits a Nazi Zombie for 8 points of accuracy, and is using 5 points of energy blast (leaving her with 10 for the remaining 5 rounds). 8x5=40 damage, split 50/50 between htc and htk, or at a cost of -1DD, all applied to Htk or all to Htc.

I'm playing about with the idea of making everyone DC12 (10 for super types) and for each grade of:

Any other agility/damage avoidance power

I'd reduce DC. Agility would reduce DC by 2 per grade (and increase dodge modifier as usual). Speed would reduce DC by 3 per grade, Gymnastics by 1 per grade, Reactions would reduce DC by 4 per grade at the cost of a future frame, that sort of thing. At negative DC the character would be very hard to hit and the hit roll would be reduced by the negative number.

Example - Lionheart has Speed grade 3, Agility grade 2 and reactions. His Speed grade 3 drops DC to 1, Agility drops it by 4 points to -3, and if he used reactions it'd drop to -7. That means a foe would attack by rolling 2D10 + WC then subtracting 7 from the rolled total. They can still hit, but chances are they would need a double.

Powers such as tough skin and armour would increase effectiveness.

Grade 1 (of either) would divide damage by 2
Grade 2 would divide damage by 4, and ignore damage (after dividers) of 3 points or less.
Grade 3 would divide damage by 6, and ignore damage (after dividers) of 5 points or less
Grade 4 would divide damage by 8, and ignore damage (after dividers) of 7 points or less.
And so on.

There would be a lot more powers (like claws) that can reduce damage dividers, and high grades of strength would be able to do that too.


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